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          Offering quality music lessons in: Guitar* Piano* Drums* Bass* $20.00 per 30min group lesson, Private lesson $40.00 per 30min, Voice Technique 101 $200 for 4 weeks 1/2 hour, learn the song you want !

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Welcome to the ultimate Piano Adventure - a 14-Step Magical Journey to Piano Mastery! Unleash your inner maestro as we dive into the enchanting world of ivory keys.


In this exhilarating course, you'll not only conquer the basics of piano technique and chord voicings but also unlock the secrets to advanced concepts. From interpreting lead sheets to mastering tonics, you'll be playing like a virtuoso in no time!


Embark on this extraordinary quest and learn how to Play Piano Quick - because the music of your dreams awaits, and we're here to make it a reality! Let's dive in and make some musical magic happen! 🎹🎶✨

List of all classes click here

List of all classes click here

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How to play piano quick/by Tim Bell